brown calcareous soil


English-Chinese Dictionary of Agriculture (英汉农业大词典). 2013.

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  • Calcareous grassland — (or alkaline grassland) is an ecosystem associated with thin basic soil, such as that on chalk and limestone downland.[1] Plants on calcareous grassland are typically short and hardy, and include grasses and herbs such as clover. Calcareous… …   Wikipedia

  • List of vineyard soil types — The soil composition of vineyards is one of the most important viticultural consideration when planting grape vines. The soil supports the root structure of the vine and influences the drainage levels and amount of minerals and nutrients that the …   Wikipedia

  • Canadian system of soil classification — The Canadian system of soil classification is more closely related to the American system than any other. They differ in several ways. The Canadian system is designed to cover only Canadian soils. The Canadian system dispenses with a sub order… …   Wikipedia

  • Guelph soil — series is the name given to a well drained or moderately well drained medium textured soil which has developed on calcareous glacial till in parts of Michigan, Ohio and Ontario. It is an alfisol which is classified as an Orthic Gray Brown Luvisol …   Wikipedia

  • chestnut soil — /tʃɛsnʌt ˈsɔɪl/ (say chesnut soyl) noun a crumbly, dark brown soil overlaying a lighter calcareous layer, found in the drier steppes south of the black earth …   Australian English dictionary

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  • truffle — truffled, adj. /truf euhl, trooh feuhl/, n. 1. any of several subterranean, edible, ascomycetous fungi of the genus Tuber. 2. any of various similar fungi of other genera. 3. a candy made of soft chocolate, shaped into a ball and dusted with… …   Universalium

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